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June 12, 2007



Minimus here... I saw your post. If you aren't getting it as a gift, I recommend buying the items individually on the site as you'll save money as you won't be paying for the nice gift box -- unless you want the gift box. You'll also be able to get exactly what you want. Regardless, glad you like our site and the gift box that we created (it is the first of many that will be coming out in the near future).


Thanks for the tip Paul!


How did you guys get the idea for your great business?

Polly Poppins

Love the travel stuff. One set is probably enough, although maybe more on the toilet paper. When you need tp, you just need it and Charmin is my favorite brand.


I think the big-purse always-prepared thing is partially a byproduct of living in New York. You leave your house for such big chunks of time, that who knows what you'll need? I always carry the biggest purse I can find, and with the lunch, book, and gym clothes crammed in on top of all the regular items, I still couldn't close it today.

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